12 horrible things about “Changez Khan” who murdered 40 million people

Genghis Khan was a very cruel and skilled Mogulian emperor who had successfully won a major portion of Asia and Europe between 1206 to 1227 between his warring skills. Listening to the name of Genghis Khan, he used to get rid of the good good spirits.

Any area that Genghis Khan and his army passed, left behind many stories of waste.

Presently 12 things related to the life of this cruel ruler, war skills and atrocities

1. Birth of child and childhood

Genghis Khan was born in 1162 around a nomadic tribe of Mongolia.

Genghis, father of Genghis Khan – was the ruler of Bagatur’s tribe. When Genghis Khan was only 10 years old, his father died and his wife and seven children left orphan and left.

After being orphan, Genghis Khan went on working hard and went on growing. Because of his being the son of Sardar of the tribe, he learned the finer points of war since childhood.

Genghis Khan was very angry in his childhood. Once a younger brother steals his fish and steals it, Genghis got angry at him and he killed his brother.


2. Religion of Genghis Khan – He was not a Muslim

Due to the ‘Khan’ with the name ‘Changes’, most people assume that he was a Muslim, when that is not so.

The real name of Changze Khan was ‘Temujin’.

Changze Khan had made a great impact in his tribe from its very beginning. The Assembly of Mongols declared him his successor and gave the title of ‘Kagan’, which later turned into Khan. ‘Kagan’ means the emperor ja saradar.

The name ‘changge’ was later found when many tribes accepted his submission and a large area of ​​the earth came under his control. The word ‘changge’ means the world’s ocean

Tumigin had now become ‘Changze Khan’, which means ‘World emperor’.

3. It was the beginning of its conquest of campaigns

Tumigin, when Kagna went to Khan, was 51 years old. In this age, most men want peace and rest, but for that, it was the beginning of the journey of Vijay’s journey.

According to a story, once again, after returning from hunting, when he reaches his whereabouts, his young wife disappears. He later finds out that the people of an enemy tribe kidnapped his wife.

After this, Changze Khan fought many battles to organize the people of his tribe and rescue his wife. Even after getting his Bibi, he gets excited by his victories and continues to fight and becomes the emperor to win the highest field in the world.

4. Won the area of ​​30 million square kilometers

change to empire in hindi

Changze Khan occupied a large part of the world between 1206 to 1227, which was about 330 million square kilometers. This area is 22 percent of the entire area and 10 times more than the present India.

The kingdom of Changze Khan was spread from China to Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria and Hungary. So much so that no other emperor could win the field.

5. Battle skills of Changze Khan

Mongolia’s nomadic people were powerful. But their strength does not work much if they did not have a worthy leader. It was a worthy leader, Chingez Khan.

Changze Khan fought with great caution and intelligently. He had given special training to his soldiers. He taught the horse the most and arranged for the fact that after the death of a horse in the war, the second could easily reach the soldiers because at that time there was a lot of importance for horses for speed in the war.

Even though the war might have been less than the anti-army army, though Cheung’s army was victorious due to its strict discipline and organization.

6. Chargez Khan was responsible for the death of 40 million people.


Changze Khan is one of his kingdom’s expanses, and the other is known for his cruelty. In whatever areas he went through during his victorious campaigns, he destroyed the towns and cities.

According to an estimate, he wiped out 11 percent of the population of his time, which is about 4 million.

His vandalism can be judged from the fact that he attacked Iran in 1219 and demolished 75 percent of the population there.

Savarkand burned the big city of Bukhara and the capital, Samarkand, in the whole of Uzbekistan. Out of 10 lakh people of Bukhara’s population, only 50 thousand people were left alive.

According to historians, the population of entire Iran at the time of the attack of Changze Khan took 750 years to recover the population.

When Changes captured the Chinese wall and captured its capital Beijing, then there was a great decline in China’s population.

These things can be judged from how cruel and merciless that Changze Khan was.

7. Changes Khan came to India – came back

Genghis Khan’s son who attacked the Kharzam in Iran attacked his son Jalaluddin and went to the Sindh River and went to Delhi to take shelter in the court.

On the other hand, Sultan Eltumish of Delhi refused to give shelter to Jalaluddin for fear of Changze Khan.

Before that, Genghis Khan had planned to roam India through the middle of India and return to Mongolia via Assam. But after accepting the defeat of Sultan Iltumish of Delhi, he returned after due to illness.

In this way North India escaped from a potential and terrible waste.

8. Hunger hunger for Chechen Khan

Genghis Khan wielded the area which wrestled the nakedness of wives and daughters of defeated warriors. She used to select women with whom she had to be confused.

They liked women with their small nose, round buttocks, long silky hair, red lips and melodious voice. The remaining women were sent to the suburbs of their subordinate officers and commanders.

9. The Jigat is the 1.6 million descendants of Changze Khan

There were many wives of Changze Khan. According to historians, there were at least hundreds of children of the children of Chingez Khan Hazaro.

An academy of Russia examined the samples of tissues of the population living in the border area of ​​Mongolia, that today even today there are 1.5 million male descendants of Changze. If the female population is added to it then this number will be duplicated.

This means that there are about 30 million people on earth whose grandfather’s grandfather’s . . . And granny’s granny of nani . . . His father was Changge Khan.
10. Religious views of Changze Khan

Genghis Khan was very kind in religious matters. He respects all religions.

Changze believed to be an ideology of Shamabad which you can call his religion. The ‘blue sky’ is worshiped in Shamabad.

Changze Khan Tao used to discuss a lot of knowledge from Guru Guru too.

By the time of his death, Genghis Khan remained on Shamabad and whenever he was in difficulty he looked towards the blue sky.

Changze was also fond of playing falcon. He had around 800 bajas.

11. Death of Chingez Khan

No one knows why Changge Khan died and where he was buried was burnt.

According to one story, he died because of falling from a horse.

Genghis Khan left the world in 1227, leaving a big history behind him at the age of 65 years.

12. The successor to Changze Khan

After the death of Changze Khan, his son Ogatai took over the throne of the Mongol empire. Compared to Changze Khan, he was compassionate and peaceful. He used to say – ‘Our Kagan Changes has made our royal family with great effort. Now the time has come for us to give peace to our people. ‘

Despite the death of Changze Khan, his empire lasted for 200 years.


Changze Khan was a demon in the eyes of Arabs and Iranian writers who spoke great to Timur and Ghaznavi. There is no doubt that Changes Khan was a Muslim ruler. But there were no other differences between the other rulers of that time and there. In India, the Muslim king used to do the same.

The notable thing is that while kings like Chandragupta, Sikandar and Akbar had fulfilled the task of winning the territories in Youth, Changge Khan started his winning campaign at the age of 41. From this, we can conclude that Changes Khan did not trick Asia in the passion of youth. He was a smart and careful man of the middle age and used to make preparations after considering everything before taking it in his hand.

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