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15 facts about Great Warrior Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap, it is a name which would have left the persecution of the Mughal army. A king who never bowed before anyone. Whose heroism’s story is still on the lips of people after centuries. That was lacking in our unity, or the number of the forts of Akbar was the weight of Prayap’s spear. Maharana Pratap was the great Hindu ruler of Mewar.

1. Maharana Pratap was called in the name of Kika in childhood. Pratap Inka and Rana Uday Singh were the names of their father.

2. Pratap’s weight was 110 kg and height was 7 feet 5 inches.

3. Pratap’s spear was 81 kg and 72 kg of chest cover. His spear, armor, shield, and two swords together with a total weight of 208 kg.

4. Pratap had 11 weddings due to political reasons.

5. Maharana Pratap’s sword armor etc are safe in Udaipur Raj museum’s museum.

6. Akbar had told Rana Pratap that if you bow before us, then half India would be of you, but Maharana Pratap said that he would die but will not lower his head in front of the Mughals.

7. Pratap’s horse, Chetak used to talk to the wind. He had put the foot on the head of the elephant and jumped on the top of the 26-feet-long tunnel with the injured Pratap.

8. The commander of Pratap was fighting for some time even after cutting his head.

9. Pratap spent the day eating grass bread in the cave of Myra.

10. The Raj family of Nepal also came out of Chittaur, both of whom have a brother and a blood relationship.

11. Elephant mask was used on the head of Pratap’s horse Chetak. So that the other army’s elephants are confused.

12. Maharana Pratap always kept two swords, one for himself and the other for the unarmed enemy.

13. Akbar once said that if Maharana Pratap and Jaimal Medtia were with me then we would become world champion.

14. Today 300 years after the battle of the turmeric valley, there are also soles found in the ground.

15. It is believed that neither Akbar could win the battle of Haldighati nor did Rana defeat. If the military had more power in the Mughals, then Rana Pratap had no lack of belligerent power.
Even after 30 years of effort, Akbar could not ban Pratap. Pratap died on 29 January 1597 due to injury in the accident. Akbar also cried when he heard the news of Pratap’s death.

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