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20+ facts about Ramanujan you must know – Read facts about the Maths Genius

This is the collection about the great and amazing facts about  a person who was born in a poor house but got a name in the world of mathematics. From the mathematics, nowadays the children are afraid, and in that he was a genius. His name was Srinivasa Ramanujan. Read these interesting things about him –

1. On December 22, 1887, a child was born in Srinivasa Ayyangar and Komalatalam in Erode village of Tamil Nadu, named Ramanujan. Nobody knew what was going to happen next. Ramanujan’s father was a clerk and mother house wife at a sari shop.

2. All the siblings of Ramanujan died in childhood. In fact, the disease of smallpox was spread in 1889. This year, thousands of people died from smallpox in Thanjavur district. But Ramanujan was cured again.

3. The closest thing is that Ramanujan was not spoken for 3 years of birth. The family members started thinking that it would not be there. At the age of 10 Ramanuj came first in the district in primary class.

4. Ramanujan used to avoid going to school in childhood. Their family members had distinguished a man specially to see this that Ramanujan has even set up the school today or not.

5. Ramanujan used to teach tuition during his childhood in order to get home expenses. They got 5 rupees per month of tuition. Ramanujan was teaching in the seventh grade and tuition. a. To the boy

6. Ramanujan, who made his own theorem at the age of 13, did not take any separate training from Math.

7. Ramanujan remembered the math of college level at the age of 11. At the age of 13, Advance rotated the trigonometry and started making theorem itself. At the age of 17, Bernali examined the numbers and gave value search of Euler Constant until 15 Decimal Point.

8. When Ramanujan was 16, his friend lived with the library. s. A book written by Car “A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics” There were more than 5000 theorems in it. Ramanujan wrote this book all over with full attention. This is where he started traveling to become his math genius.

9. Ramanujan used to complete his Math paper in less than half time.

10. Being a genius in mathematics, Ramanujan got scholarship to study at Government Arts College. But they took so much meditation in Math, so much attention that all the other subjects failed. It has also been stripped of their scholarship.

11. Due to the paper being very expensive, Ramanujan used ‘slate’ to remove Math’s question. Although they used to keep a register which used to remove the formula from slate. When Ramanujan used to go in search of a job, it often used to show the register but people ignored it.

12. When Ramanujan turned 22, he was married to 10 year old Janki. After marriage, Ramanujan was diagnosed with ‘Hydroxyl Testis’ which means a disease in the testicle. If there was no money for treatment at home then a doctor performed the surgery free. After surgery, he fell ill, thought, now he will not survive but he got cured.

13. In 1913, at the age of 26, Ramanujan wrote the math 120 formulas and English Professor G. Sent to H. Hardy. Hardy did not pay special attention before, but after reading it felt that he was a scholar. What was then called Ramanuj to Cambridge University

14. Ramanujan refused to go to England but Hardy refused to do so. Ramanuja was firm in religion. Even in a cold country like England, they used to bat daily, due to being a true Brahmin, they were vegetarian too. He did not get good food here and he fell ill and came back to Madras.

15. Let me tell you a fact about Ramanujan and when he was in England, he had thought of committing suicide but on the spot the policeman got caught, the policeman was about to be sent to jail, then Professor Hardy intervened and lied to the policeman. Say that Ramanujan is a member of Fellow of Rayal Society and you can not send such an FRS to jail in this way. Ramanujan really became a member of the FRS a few months later.

16. In 1918, at the age of 31, Srinivasa Ramanujan was elected the youngest member of the Royal Society. After Ardaseer Cursetjee in 1841 they became the second Indian to do this. On October 13, 1918 Ramanuj was elected a fellow of Trinity College. He was the first Indian to do this.

17. The Indian state celebrates the birth anniversary of Tamilnadu, Ramanujan as IT Day and the whole country as National Mathematics Day.

18. Ramanujan made 3884 Equation in his 32 year life. Many of these are still unsolved today. In Math, 1729 is known as Ramanujan number.

19. Even after coming from England, due to high fever, cough and thinning, their condition became serious. Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar died on April 26, 1920, at the age of 32. In Kumbakonam, their ancestral home has now been made a museum.

20. Srinivasa Ramanujan is called “Man Who Knew Infinty” because over 60% of his main contributions were the sources of Infinite series.


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