20 terrible things related to “Temurlang” who killed 20 million people

History is full of many murderers and villagers who say they were emperors, but the work used to do more than robbers and murderers. One of these names is Timurlang, who was a ruler of the fourteenth century who founded the Taimuri dynasty. His state spread from west Asia to central Asia and spread to India. The founder of the Mughal Empire of India was a descendant of Babur Timur.

1. Timurlang was born on April 6, 1336, in the city of Aija in the city of Uzbez. Timur’s father had accepted Islam and Timur was a staunch follower of Islam.

2. Timur has started small-scale thieves since childhood due to family poverty. Gradually he made his gang. After making the gang, Timur began to execute the huge looting incidents and thus became a dreaded robber.

tamurlung empire
Living areas of Timurlang

3. In 1369, after the death of the Mongol ruler of Samarkand, he captured the throne of Samarkand. Timur Mongol winner wanted to trample all the world with his power just like Genghis Khan and wished him like WorldVision like Alexander.

4. The name Taimur means “iron or steel”, lang (meaning lame) was added because of its name because he lost one leg in some battle. He used to claim to be a descendant of Changze, but in reality he was a Turk.

5. Timur first attacked Iraq’s capital in Baghdad in 1380, killing thousands of people and plucking their skulls. Then he changed one of the many beautiful kingdoms into ruins after one. He was particularly pleased to have a large heap of cut corners.

6. In many countries, during the looting, Timur not only provided wealth but he also prepared a large army. Timur was also a strong mind and brave leader, due to which the soldiers used to respect him very much. He used to stand in the next line in every battle and this thing filled the spirits in the heart of the soldier.

Timur attacks India

7. After winning many states, Timur planned to attack India. He had heard a lot about India’s wealth and so he was eager to attack India.

8. Initially, the commander of Timur was not ready to attack India, but when he declared his intention to fight against Hindu Dharma in India for the promotion of Islam, his commander would be ready to attack India. went.

9. The complete information about Timur’s India attack comes in his biography ‘Tujuke Tamai’. The beginning of the biography begins with this verse of the Quran – “A Prophet fight with the infidels and nonbelievers, and keep on striving hard against them.” In relation to attacking India, he writes – “To attack Hindustan, I The goal is to fight a religious war against the Hindus (from where) the army of Islam should also get the wealth and valuable things of the Hindus.

tamur lung brutely

10. In September 1398, Timur left Samarkand to attack India and entered India through the Indus river. First of all, he attacked Tulumba town and cut thousands of residents there and detained many. Many temples were destroyed

11. After this, he attacked the Kathar Nami Rajput Fort on the border of Kashmir and ordered execution of all the men and imprisoned women and children. He made many towers of the heads of the slaughtered men Timur writes in his biography that, “In a short time, all the people of the fort were flown out of the sword. Ten thousand people’s heads were cut in the hour. The sword of Islam bathe in the blood of the infidels. My soldiers, treasures and grains, who had been gathered in the fort from the year, looted my soldiers. Burned houses and made ashes.

12. When Taimur entered the state of Jats, he ordered his army, ‘Whatever is found, be slaughtered.’ After that, he extended towards Delhi and brought the cities coming on the road to the soil and people He also killed hundreds of thousands of people.

13. Before he attacked Delhi, he stayed in Loni Nagar, now his number of prisoners had gone up to 1 lakh, of which only a few were Muslims. While attacking Delhi, he did not want to leave these prisoners alone in the camp and he ordered that all Muslims should be killed and all be killed and those who refuse to obey this order should be killed. . In relation to this order, Timur writes in his biography –

“So there was no way except those people to make sword food. I made a declaration in the camp that all the prisoners should be slaughtered and whatever negligent action in the course of this order should be slaughtered and their property should be given to the informer. When this order was received by the Ghazis (the respected name of the killers of the infidels) of Islam, they took the sword and slaughtered their captives. On that day, one lakh unholy idol-worshipers were killed. ”

14. At that time Tuglak Sultan was the ruler of Mahmud, he was an inept ruler. He fought Timur with his 40 thousand infantry, 10 thousand cavalry and 120 elephants, but lost badly and ran away from the battlefield.
15. When Taimurlang reached Delhi after defeating Sultan, he looted the city completely for 5 days and killed the inhabitants brutally; women were enslaved and raped all their life. His desire was not to live in India and therefore, staying in Delhi for 15 days, he returned to his capital, Samarkand.

16. When returning from India, he plundered the areas of Meerut, Haridwar, Punjab and Jammu badly and killed very many people. Having lived in India for almost 6 months, he crossed the Indus River on March 19, 1399 and left India.

17. According to an estimate, the army of Timur had set up nearly 2 million people in all its attacks and wars, which at that time was 5 percent of the total population of the world.

18. The people of Ujjadistan still consider Timur as his hero and many of his statues (sculptures) are engaged in the cities of Uzbeztan. Timur is presented as a hero in the history of Uzbezan, and his black adventures are not discussed at all.

tamurlung ka makbara

19. Timur died in 1405 when he was going to attack China. After his death, he was buried in Samarkand, where his tomb is today.

20. In 1941, Russian archaeologists digging the tomb of Timur studied his skeleton and found that his hip bone was broken and two fingers of his right hand was missing. His skeleton also showed that his length was 5 feet 9 inches and the chest was wide.

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