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Chanakya Neeti: 36 things to follow to live a successful, meaningful life

Acharya Chanakya, after helping Maharaj Chandragupta become the emperor of the whole of India, had created a dynamics for the guidance of the people of the vast empire, which is today known as ‘Chanakya Neeti’. Even though Chanakya Neeti was written 2300 years ago today, even today, most of the things mentioned in it are as true as it was 2300 years ago.

The person who adopts these things will succeed in whatever he does
  • To save the future troubles, one should raise money, even the rich, because when money starts decreasing and going out of our hands, then saved wealth also starts decreasing rapidly.
  • Excess of everything is “very bad” because it was due to excessive beauty that sita haran took place, Raavan came to an end due to extreme arrogance, due to giving excessive donation, Raza Bali was bound in bondage, so should be abandoned altogether everywhere.
  • If you do not have trouble then be careful about it. But if trouble comes, then in any way get rid of it.
  • The person is satisfied with the following 3 things …
    1. Own wife 2. The food which the Almighty provided. 3. That much money which is earned honestly
  • But the person should not be satisfied with the 3 things given below …
    1. Practice 2. Remembering the name of God 3. Goodness and help for others
  • We should get back the help we received from others. In the same way, if someone has wronged us, then we should also do evil with him. There is no sin in doing this.
  • A sensible person should never go to such a place where:
    – There is no way to earn employment,
    – The people are not afraid of anything,
    – The people are not ashamed of anything,
    – Where there are no intelligent people,
    – And where people do not know how to do charity.

Ideas of Acharya Chanakya to work hard and achieve goal

  • The work done in the mind should not be disclosed to anyone, but it should be done keeping in mind that work in mind.
  • The person who is not shy about doing economic affairs, earning knowledge, eating and doing business, he becomes happy.
  • We keep should our every step properly, We should only do the thing that we have carefully thought about.
  • Who is ready for the future and whoever dealt wisely with any situation, remains happy.
  • People who run with fortune quickly get ruined.
  • The person who does not have any system to work, can not find any happiness.
  • The thing that looks far away, which looks impossible, which appears outside our reach, can also be easily achieved if we work hard, because nothing is more than hard work.
Thoughts of Acharya Chanakya related to friends, relatives and family members
  • Investigate relatives when you are in trouble.
  • A good friend is the one who needs your help when needed, and then help you in the accident.
  • Earth is the only heaven for that person:
    – whose son he considers his point
    – whose wife behaves according to his good.
    – who has satisfaction over his wealth.
  • The son is the one who obeys the father, the father is the one who can raise the children, and the wife is the one who receives happiness.
  • You should never tell any secret to any friend, because even a sure friend can open up all your secrets when angry.
  • Father should always teach his children good and bad because the wise people are respected in the society.
  • Loving love makes children fall prey, they teach them good habits by giving them strict education, so children do not want to be fond of what they need.
  • Just as a dry burning tree burns the entire forest, in the same way a single Kutra destroys the values, dignity and prestige of the whole family.
  • For five years, the son should follow with love and affection, for ten years he is scared by the stick. But after that, behave like a friend because your grown son is you and you are his best friend.
  • A child who was dead while being born, is better than a stupid longevity child. The first child saddles for a moment, the second child burns his parents in the fire of grief throughout life.
  • The following words burn the person without fire …
    1. Accommodation in a small village where accommodation facility is not available.
    2. Consume unhealthy food.
    3. Whose wife is always angry
    4. Who is a foolish son.
    5. whose daughter is a widow.
    6. Work under the person with the least qualifications.

According to Acharya Chanakya, what to learn from these animals

According to Acharya Chanakya, learn 1 thing from the lion, 1 from the heron, 4 from the poultry, 5 from the crow, 4 from the dog and 3 from the donkeys.

  • Learn this great thing from the lion that you do whatever you want to do and with a tremendous effort.
  • The wise person fulfills his senses as a herd and fulfills his goal with full attention of place, time and abilities.
  • Learn the four words from the poultry … 1. At the right time. 2. Become Needy and fight. 3. Make proper arrangements with the relatives of the property. 4. Get your employment with your own hardship.
  • Learn these five words from crows … 1. Have a romantic relationship with your wife. 2. Fearlessness 3. Store useful items. 4. Turn your sights around. 5. Do not trust others easily.
  • Learn this from the dog. 1. Be very hungry but do not get anything to eat or even less if you get less. 2. If you are in a deep sleep, then get up in the moment. 3. Feel free to respect your master 4. Fearlessness.
  • Learn these three words from the ass/donkey. 1. Do not leave your burden. 2. Do not worry about winter and summer. 3. Always be content.


Ideas of conduct and behaviour  by Acharya Chanakya

  • Lord Ram has all these qualities:
    1. Love in virtues.
    Sweet words
    3. Intense desire to donate
    4. Deception without dealing with friends
    5. Humility in the presence of the guru
    6. Deep comfort of mind.
    7. Pure conduct
    8. Assessment of properties
    9. Experience of Knowledge of Scripture
    10. Appearance of the Beauty
    11. Gods devotion


  • Acquiring knowledge is like a Kamdhenu which provides nectar in every season. It is beneficial to the mother like the mother abroad. That is why learning is called a secret money.
  • Those who are hardworking can not be poor,
    Those who remember God always can not touch sin,
    Those who are quiet and quiet do not fall into quarrels,
    The awakened people remain fearless.
  • Good conduct eliminates sorrow.
    Vivek destroys ignorance.
    The information ends the fear.
  • There is no disease in the same way as lust.
    There is no enemy like madness.
    No fire equal to anger.
    There is no sense like nature in the form of knowledge.
  • Honor in those who reside in hell and those who live on earth – 1. Extreme anger 2. Hard word 3. Enemy with their own relatives 4. Friendship with lowly people 5. Serve the people who do not want to be deaf.
  • There is no penance similar to a restrained mind.
    There is no happiness like satisfaction.
    No disease like greed
    No merits like kindness.
  • Those people who are happy in this world. Which is generous towards its relatives. Unknowingly, there is a sympathy for the people. Love is the love of good people. Slander behaves completely from lowly people. Nothing from the scholars hide. Show courage in front of enemies. Humble to the elders and strict to the wife.
    Thoughts of other people, Acharya Chanakya
  • Avoid such people who talk sweetly on your face, but behind your back, plan to ruin you, this is like a pot of poison whose upper surface is full of milk, but inside the jahan The only poison is that.
  • The most tragic thing is to go to someone else’s house and take it for granted.
  • Those who are blind from birth can not see them. In the same way, those who are subject to lust also can not see. The arrogant person does not think that he is doing something bad. And those who are behind the money do not see any evil in their deeds.
  • Do not be very straight in your behavior. If you go to see the forest, you will find that the trees that grow directly, they are bitten and the trees which are tilted around are standing. (That means do not let people misuse their use, learn to answer them.)
  • The lowly people burn when they see the progress of others and say a word about others because they do not have any indication of doing anything.

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