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Chinese navy threatens India – Do we need to worry ? Read this

Some folks have been worried about the Chinese Navy’s threat to Indian shipping and Mainland. Here’s my take and feel free to cast me as an armchair strategist. Self serving as it may be, I am one and usually strategy is an armchair job for those with insight and wit. ๐Ÿ˜€
Even with our Navy’s currently depleted submarine fleet strength, we have dominance of the Indian Ocean area.
China would need to pivot at least 70% of its fleet across 4,500 miles to contest us. Those string of pearl supply bases in the Indian Ocean area are not yet ready. It does not have the US’ blue ocean capabilities and cannot afford such a radical redeployment while facing off 7 nations on its Eastern and Southern Seas.
Re: our battle preparedness, ย while we do not have as many submarine assets as China, we have excellent destroyers and frigates and two aircraft carrier task groups. One of them nuclear. All of these are within easy reach of our coastal bases. All have submarine hunting capacity. As do the submarine fleet we do possess. We also have more battle hardened capacity.
We also have superior aerial and electronic surveillance assets.
I wouldn’t worry too much about the Chinese Navy. Rest assured.
Overall, I see no possibility, notwithstanding it’s far superior economic status, of China being ready to take on India in the next 5 years, by which time our rapid ongoing modernization and rearmament programme would neutralise expanded Chinese capability.
We don’t have to fear them. Just stay matched or slightly ahead in our ability to concentrate force and firepower in areas that matter. We seem to be doing so effectively.

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