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Crackerless Diwali: Why SC decision looks biased and unnecessary

Diwali is a festival of lights. Well most of the crackers do make a beautiful show of light . Or dont they? Who can disagree? If we argue that Ram lighted some earthen lamps as a mark of  celebration, we need to see reason in the fact that fireworks did not exist at the time , as much as miniatures, led bulb decorations  too did not . Had the fireworks  been invented at the time , who can tell for sure that  Rama would not have been indulgent in bursting a few to bring more light into the revelry?

Also arguing that Hindus had not celebrated Diwali with  crackers in the vedic age ,and so people should not  diverge from the ways and methods practised during the ancient times is wrong  . Unlike other religion , Hindus do not adhere to just a single set of text or a canonical  set of rules . The religion has evolved with time and practise and there are today  as many ways of practising hinduism as the number of knotted strands and tangles  in Shivas own  matted hair .

Thus we cant justify the ban on crackers saying Hindus did not practise it before because it has been quite sometime  that Hindus are doing so to mark the  celebrations and can be reasonably counted amongst the rituals therein . And it is not upon the  Court of laws to decide and formulate  the the path of evolution of religious rituals.
Diwali celebrations do not leave behind a long term effect on the environment anywhere more than the  other causes of pollution, as opposed to  the effect on the planet that large scale culling of animals do.
The problem arises  due to large density of population in certain big cities. And air pollution   is just not restricted to one day Diwali celebrations.  It is a continuous problem and needs to be paid attention to rectify and bring long term solutions. Developmental work has been concentrated to a few big cities that attracts  people from all over the country  to settle in. Long term solution can only be possible through creation  of and even distribution of new cities where trade and businessses flourishes..

It would also have been worthwhile if the apex  court suggested or directed the government to bring in legislation towards  containing the ever burgeoning population .
Short term fixes that  is an outright interference in socioreligious matters is useless , biased and thus is uncalled for.

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