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‘Dark complexion’ in India , a take from common Indian student

“Oye kallu”,  ” Yaar tu kitni kali hai, tujhse kaun shadi karega” .. Ever heard these? Welcome to our (not so)progressive society.
Fair complexion.
A stigma that has been ruining us so slowly(but devilishly) that we can’t even perceive it and its consequences.
From Bollywood celebs to standup comedians to our elders to us and to our younger ones, almost everybody suffers from this mental stigma.
Its 2017 and we still carry with ourselves this! And then we think we are progressive? How can a good soul be ignored just because of the complexion he/she is wearing?
So many ridiculous ads out there where we see our favorite stars endorsing fairness creams, beauty products and what not! Its a blunt truth that India has become a hub for all these companies just because of our INSECURITIES which are somehow connected to this stupid deep rooted belief of FAIR COMPLEXION.
I can feel this because I have been through this and sometimes it has been harsh and unexpected. Initially it was devastating, thrashed my self confidence. Then, by all means I gathered myself up to fight this stigma but as you can very well guess I couldn’t!  Then I tried to adjust with it but I couldn’t!  Then I fell prey to my insecurities just like millions out there but all my ‘efforts’ went in vain.
Now, I choose to take a stand against it just with a mild hope that with you reading this, it strikes your right cord.
I can’t change everything, neither can you, BUT TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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