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Death of newborn infants destroying the dream of happy India

UNICEF’s latest report once again expressed concerns over the death of newborn infants in India. The figures that are issued are definitely frightening. On seeing this report, our dream of building a new India is broken. The progress, prosperity and development of the country and society is related to the health of its citizens. When we talk about health, it is first of all from infants and mothers. In a society where lakhs of new born babies are killed every year, we can say how happy society is. This is the subject of contemplation and churning for every nation. It can not be denied only on the name of discussion, statements and checks.
There is a stroke on the death of newborn babies in the country. This report is not only for the hospital or the state, but from the different states. Apart from death, different reasons are being told. If there is a lack of oxygen and some negligence, then malnutrition is being said to be responsible. The condition of health care of infants in the country is extremely worrisome. Every year millions of children in India are going to death in the face of such diseases, which are diagnosed, i.e., treatment is possible. Governments in our country are proving to be unsuccessful and careless in providing health care to newborns.

According to the latest report of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), due to the lack of adequate facilities for quality health care, immunization and infections, and inadequate physical impairment, every year 11-5 lakh children in India, before completing the age of five years Only in time do they end. According to the report, infant mortality in India is more than 58 percent in the whole world. In India, 11-15 million infants of less than five years of age die every year. Of these, the number of newborns is 6-60 lakhs and the number of children born immediately is 0-748.
This report by UNICEF is significant in terms of death due to large number of infant deaths due to alleged negligence of inadequate medical facilities and hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. UNICEF says that in order to reduce the deaths of pregnant women and children, during the last 20 years there have been substantial efforts at the policy level, whose good results are also being revealed. But the aspect of mandatory health care for neonates has been neglected, and this is the reason why there is a surge in cases of infant mortality.
According to the report, the Government has made a strong initiative in this direction under the National Rural Health Mission and the NRHM Program in which UNICEF is also in the role of cooperation, but the amount of financial resources needed in this endeavor is not enough for the public participation Need to be encouraged. UNICEF says that most cases of infant deaths occur in low-income families, where the problem of malnutrition, physical defects and the environment of dirty environment is present before the child’s birth. In such a case, for the government alone, it is not possible to reform these situations, for this, every responsible person of the society has to come in the role of cooperation.
About 5 million children die every year in the country at the age of 5 years. The report of the World Health Organization, Health Ministry, UNICEF and other institutions shows that despite the economic uniform, there is no drop in child mortality rates in India. According to the World Health Organization, in the annual report of the Health Ministry in 2016-17, it is reported that the highest number of deaths among children under age five are from neonatal disease (53 per cent). Apart from this, pneumonia (15%), diarrhea (12%), measles (3%) and injuries or accidents (3%) children are killed.
According to the report ‘Save the Children’, more than two-thirds of newborns died in the first month. Of these 90 percent of the deaths occurred with diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea, which could easily be treated. At present, the mortality rate of newborn children is 48 (per 1,000), whereas in 2015 it was 43. UNICEF’s report estimates that if the government did not change its attitude, then by 2030, due to treatable diseases in the world, 6- 9 crore children can be killed at the age of five
As per the annual survey of health department, children are becoming weak due to not receiving proper nutrition for their mother. At birth the children are born much less than their average weight. Various government and state government health surveys have underlined that due to the death of infant deaths and mothers in childbirth there are such which can be stopped.
Every citizen will have to provide proper medical facilities on time to reach the health services in the country. In addition to reaching every mother of the government facility without discrimination and lag wrap, the government and the society will have to make efforts together. By controlling malnutrition, poor and needy pregnant mothers will have to make efforts to facilitate nutritious diet, only then the death of newborn infants can be restricted.

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