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Friends’ betrayal that thwart India’s independence in 1915, Know who was the face of nation then.

There were difficult situations, broken emotions were there. British oppression was at the peak Every Hindustan wanted independence from the brutality, oppression and injustice of the British. The people of India wanted freedom now at any cost. There was anger in the mind, against the Britishers Hate In this way, many Saputas came in like a lamp for the freedom of the country, who had the power to hit the sea waves. Seeing his courage, the British too would have been prosecuted. After all the conflicts, we finally got freedom. Today we are breathing peace. The uncontrollable ones are going somewhere. The whole of India is thankful to those freedom fighters and will always be there. But the sad fact is that many revolutionaries had to be victimized by injustice while writing the history of freedom fight. ‘Yatindranath Mukherjee’ was a revolutionary among them. Let me tell you about them, ‘They were heroes of that period.’

The child of Bengal, the strong stature, the look of the falcon, the cheetah’s move, the cheerful patriotism and the obsession of India’s independence on Zuban, is the identity of this kind of Yatindranath Mukherjee. He was born in Nadia, Bengal, now in Bangladesh. At the age of his father, after the death of his father, he was raised in a house. Since childhood, they have been interested in participating in running races. Because of this, his body became very strong.
According to historians, if the fellow did not betray them and their plans were successful, then we could get independence in 1915. For this, the country did not need Gandhi and neither did Bose’s. He was strong since childhood. At the age of 11 he started to control the city’s spoiled horses. They were so disgusted by the British and British rule that they used to beat the British whom they saw alone. Once upon a railway station, Yatindra Nath had beaten eight eight Britishers alone. The English used to fear them. The historians of the Czech Republic say that in this plan, if Immanuel Victor Vosca (the Czech agent) did not enter, then no one would have listened to Gandhi’s name in India and called the ‘Father of the Nation’ Bagha Jatin. During the trial run after his death, the British prosecutor said, “Were this man living, he may lead the world.” This sentence can be judged by the fact that at that moment of Bagha Jatin it will be awe. The Bengal Police Commissioner was told to Charles Tegart that if the Bagha Jatin was an Englishman, then the English people put his statue next to Neilson on Trafalgar Square in London. Jatin’s words people still remember, they used to say, ‘Amara morobo, Jagat Jabzee’ means ‘the country will wake up from our dying’. #Indian Freedom Struggle
Vivekananda was quite influenced by
Yatindranath Mukherjee was so impressed with Swami Vivekananda that he started visiting them everyday. Seeing his stiff body, Vivekananda sent him to the native gym of Ambu Guha so that he could learn the wager’s wager.
“India should have its own National Army”
After completing his studies, he arrived at Muzaffarpur in 1899 as a secretary of Barrister Pingale, who was a barrister as well as a historian. By staying with him, Jatin realized that India should have its own National Army. Perhaps it was the first idea of ​​making India’s National Army. Which later came into existence due to Mohan Singh, Ras Bihari Bose and Subhash Chandra Bose.
Travel from ‘Yatindranath Mukherjee’ to ‘Bagha Jatin’
Under pressure from the family, they were forced to get married. But he was quite distracted by the sudden death of the eldest son. Travel to Haridwar for inner peace. On returning, he got information that there was a leopard’s panic in his village. Without being wasted time, he went out to find him in the woods. While walking on the road suddenly, he was struck by the Royal Bengal Tiger, but Jatin did not lose his time and killed him with his cunning. Seeing his courage and courage, the Bengal government honored him. He was highly praised in English newspapers. From that day people started calling him ‘Bagha Jatin’.
The great revolutionary was ‘Bagha Jatin’
Prior to Subhash Chandra Bose, Ras Bihari found the real leader in Jatin only. Ras Bihari used to say that ‘Jatin’s office is international. There is the ability to become a world leader in it. ‘
Another was to be 1857
History was repeated in February 1915. There was a try again. Separate dates of the rebellion were fixed. But all the hard work was found in the soil due to a betrayer.
And we could not be free
Those days the King of Germany was visiting India. Bagha Jatin met with the King of Germany after hiding from the people. He talked of giving arms to India’s independence, which was gladly accepted. Everything was in favor of India, only then that detective Immanuel Victor Vosca was caught. He gave this news to America, later America told the British government. The news from England came to Indian officials and the entire coast of Orissa was sealed.

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And became martyred ‘Nationalist Bagha Jatin’
On September 9, 1915, an officer named Rajmahanti tried to catch them with the help of the villagers and they killed him. Otherwise, other English officers were also present. The bullets went on both sides and in the meantime their ultimate companions became martyrs. He himself continued to face firing with other revolutionaries for a long time. But in the end, his body was strained by bullets, fell on the ground.
When the British officers approached him, he said that the bullet and my fellow martyrs were running chitkara, and the other three were innocent.

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