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Hindi day- Interesting facts related to Hindi language, which you probably do not know!

Friends, today is Hindi Day (September 14), that is the day of mother tongue of millions of Indians today.

Let us now know some interesting facts related to Hindi language on this occasion:

  •  The word Hindi is derived from the Persian word ‘Hind’ itself. The word ‘Hind’ is from the ‘Land of the Indus River’.
  • We celebrate Hindi Day  on September 14, because in the year 1949, the Indian Constitution gave Hindi language the official language.
  •  The first state to give Hindi the official language status was Bihar. In 1881, Bihar r declared Hindi as its official language.
  •  We all know that Hindi is not only the most spoken and understood language in India but also the fourth most spoken language after Mandarin, Spanish and English in the world.

Apart from India,hindi is also spoken and understood in countries like
Trinidad and Tobago

  •  Hindi is taught in about 45 Indian and around 175 universities around the world..
  •  Hundreds of English words have been taken from Hindi such as Jungle, Mahatma, Cheeta, Avatar, etc. have been taken from Hindi language. .
  •  The creation of history based on the history of Hindi was first done not by an Indian but by a French author Grasin the Tessi.
  •  United Nations General Assembly was first addressed in Hindi in 1977. The then External Affairs Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee won the hearts of the country by giving a speech in Hindi.
  •  Where the most spoken word in English is “Hello”, then “नमस्ते” is the most spoken word in Hindi.
  •  ‘Prem Sagar’, published in 1805, is considered as the first published book in Hindi. It was written by Lallu Lal Ji.
  •  It is considered easy to learn Hindi because the pronunciation of words is exactly the same as we write.
  •  Some very popular words of Hindi language are actually taken from other languages. Like those words that bring water in the mouth:
  • Samosa: Its original name is ‘Sambusk’, which is a Persian word. In some countries it is also called Somsa and Sambusa.
    Jalebi: This word is composed of the Arabic word ‘jalabya’.
    Gulab Jamun: It is also made of a Persian word ‘Gul’ and ‘Jamuna’. Gul means the bloated and Jamun means water.
  •  Hindi film industry “Bollywood” produces the highest number of movies in the world.

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