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Increasing pollution level in National capital: A matter of deep concern

Reaching the highly dangerous level of pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas has once again become a matter of national concern. Government is concerned, while the judiciary has responded to them. On Tuesday morning,the national capital region was covered by black blanket of smog. According to the website of the US embassy in New Delhi, the amount of PM-2.5 in the air of Delhi reached 703, whereas the air is considered dangerous for human health as it crosses 300 levels of fine pollutants. On Wednesday evening at four o’clock, the volume of PM-2.5 crossed the limit of 1000 Due to this, fear can be estimated. These concerns have been expressed in the recent comments by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the Delhi High Court. Both the judicial institutions have summoned the governments of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and pollution control boards. The High Court has considered the burning of crop residues by the farmers of Haryana and Punjab as the main reason why the appropriate steps have not been taken to stop it. The NGT mentioned that even if such circumstances were born last year, why did not the government took precautionary measures to stop this year? Union Environment Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has asked neighboring states of Delhi to take effective action to stop pollution. But the bitter reality is that in the national capital, millions of people have to live in a situation like a gas chamber.


Think seriously, then it is clear that the problem is not immediate, but its roots are much deeper. Every year in Delhi, air quality is poor before winter, because then cool air pollutants are kept around the ground. Delhi’s pollution is polluted with fireworks smoke, motor vehicles and diesel driven generators smoke, coal-fired power plants and industrial emissions . Without focusing on these aspects, focusing on the burning of crop residues of farmers will not be enough.

The tragic situation is that there is a lack of adequate awareness and anxiety about the national capital and, despite the rapid increase in pollution all over the country. When the situation is very serious, then it is discussed for some days, then everything starts to run like before. Experts say that permanent and continuous steps should be taken to get control over the situation. This problem can not be dealt with without heavy measures in public transport, prevention of pollutant use, providing the option of burning crop residue to the farmers and preventing dust from flying. Sadly, even today, no such plan is seen. In such a case, punishing farmers for the sale of firecrackers or burning a fire on a Diwali is only a surface treatment for the issue.

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