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Indian’s DNA mutated by corruption (A disease)

In a recent survey, India has been described as the most corrupt in 16 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. People of India will not be surprised by the results of this survey. There will hardly be a citizen of the country who has not warmed the pocket of the government servant for any legitimate work. From the birth to the birth certificate, to cut off TC from the school or to get pension after the job, the bribe is everywhere. In government offices, the file does not move an inch even further without the bargain. Transparency International’s Global Bribery Barometer (GCB) was released in March this year. Various types of things are coming out in the media. GCB takes their views on bribery transactions from the public in countries around the world. It is different from Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI). CPI is a survey of corruption in the public sector. India is ranked 76th in 168 countries in the CPI ie Corruption Index. The CPI prepares an index based on 13 snacks. Many people believe that the survey done by international institutions does not present a picture of corruption properly in the country and the policy response affects them. Even if they accept their argument, then no one can deny that bribery has become an integral part of the lives of ordinary people. Government servants on the chair of power demand open bribes for small things, even if the FIR is filed or the driving license is made. The question is, why are we so corrupt as a nation? From AgustaWestland to Chhattisgarh’s PDS scam, Bihar’s fodder scam, Commonwealth Games scam, Satyam, coal, 2G This list is long. These scandals became the subject of discussion in the media and public, but corruption prevailing in everyday life could not cover headlines. It is said that corruption is in the DNA of Indians. Is this really true?

Many causes of corruption are counted. Just as laws against corruption are not implemented. Law enforcement agencies are not conscious of reducing corruption. Apart from this, weak and lethargic administration also promotes corruption. The lack of accountability in the judiciary and bureaucracy, lack of political will also help to increase corruption. A big reason for corruption is the rise of the culture of groupism. As a society we have accepted corruption. People have assumed that no government work can be done without giving bribe. Thus corruption has deepened its roots in the society. This disease is going on for generations. The culture and thinking of a society depends on the personal behavior and behavior of individuals.
Another important fact is that corruption is considered to be a very low-risk, extremely beneficial game. Both the bribe takers and those who give the bribe understand that there is no legal scandal on them and they will not be involved in any kind of punishment. Flexibility in implementing the laws motivates them to engage in corrupt activities, and for this reason corruption often keeps on striving for their feet.
In everyday life, materialism has become so dominant that we see rich and powerful person with great respect.We just see how powerful and wealthy he is ,but we do not see how he earned immense wealth?. When the members of the household put pressure on the housekeeper of the house that he fulfills all his wishes, he sometimes leaves the difference between moral-immoral. A person who lives in a corrupt environment for a long time alsoves his steps toward corruption. The question is whether we can destroy the deep roots of corruption and can change our DNA? A research done in the past has shown that the genes continue to change depending on thoughts and perceptions. Everyone, along with the society, must accept that bribery or giving is a wrong and immoral act. It can be started from schools where children should be taught that they should stay away from corruption and condemn it. The family members should also cooperate with the household earners so that they do not have the pressure to take bribe . Corruption is a personal matter. At the level of individual and organization, people can decide whether anything happens or not, we will not give or take bribe . In this way, there will be a different kind of group in the society, which will be different from those who have lobbied by law and order. The root of unethical earnings is greed. Greed only pushes the person towards immorality.
There are also a third kind of people for whom corruption is business. They often live in moral dilemma regarding corruption. This kind of question always prevails on such people that moral values ​​are more important or benefit? Such business organizations must understand that blacking their hands in corruption is unethical and illegal. Our society can be free of corruption only when a person acts according to his thinking and throws out wrong rituals of evil in society. All of our texts then talk of not accepting gifts.

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