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Indin railway system running the rails of sickness

Our railway ministry claims that it is doing everything to provide world class services to the passengers. But after the meal of IRCTC’s breakfast room in the Tejas Express that runs between Goa and Mumbai, there is a question mark on the claims of the Ministry to fall ill  twenty six passengers. Significantly, Tejas Express has been included in the premium trains, which are promoted to provide high-quality services. But if this train is considered to be special, then it can be estimated, then what will happen to the rest of the trains

. Once again, the assurance will be given to investigate the incident and action against the culprits, but after all such complaints, this happens and everything goes as before. Complaints of bad food in trains are common. Guanitas that passengers from Tejas express were sick only Otherwise, poisonous food can be proven to be life-threatening.
About three months ago, when a passenger floated the Biryani to eat in the Purba Express, the lizards went down in it. This was a very serious matter. But when this complaint came to light, the chairman of the Railway Board presented the suggestion to travel  the food from house. How can the responses of the railways who fill the services of top-class services be called responsibly? In one of its reports, the CAG had said that food provided to railway passengers is not suitable for human is common to complain that contaminated or reheated to the stale, and the amount of food served by it and the charges for charging more than the prescribed price are common. That report of the CAG should have had an opportunity to improve the self observation and disturbances for the Railways. But what is the condition even today, it is evident from the Tejas Express.
There is a provision for online filing of complaints and a fine of up to one lakh rupees for the wrongdoers in the moving train or on the platform due to disturbances of eating food. But all the passengers traveling by train are in a position to make such a complaint, they all know. In the last few years, the increase in train fares in the name of premium, convenience, flexi rental etc. has been made arbitrarily for the amount to be collected for purchasing the tickets, after which the passenger Nothing has been done for the facilities. Critical problems arise: When the announcement of running a bullet train at a cost of more than Rs. 1 lakh crores, it seems that the railways do not have much anxiety about the common man.

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