Iron Pillar: Evidence of the victory of Hi-tech Science of ancient India

The iron pillar standing in the premises of Vishnu Pillar (Kutubaminar) in Bharati’s capital Delhi is a big surprise for today’s science. The scientist is amazed that despite the fact that the 6,000 kilo-long iron pillar is made of 98 per cent iron, it is standing under the open sky without any raging for 1600 years.

Who made the iron pillar?

This pillar was constructed in memory of great king Chandragupta Vikramaditya of the Gupta dynasty. Maharaj Chandragupta Vikramaditya ruled from 380 to 413 AD This iron pillar is likely to have been built by his son and next king Kumar Gupta of Gupta Dynasty. Maharaj Kumar Gupta had ruled from 413 AD to 455 AD, and this pillar must have been built in the year 413 AD 1604 years ago.

According to the inscription written on the pillar, this pillar was built on the Vishnupad hill, which was probably brought in Delhi by ruler Anangpal Jaa in 1050 AD. The area of ​​Vishnuvad hill area is now located near Udhagiri town of Madhya Pradesh, which is located almost on the Topic of Cancer.

Scientists are still surprised about the technique of manufacturing iron pillars

This massive iron pillar has a height of 7.21 meters (23 feet 8 inches) and is 1.12 meters (3 ft 8 in.) In the ground. The diameter of its base is 17 inches, while going upwards it becomes slim and the diameter above it is 12 inches.

Doctor B.B. According to Lal, this pillar is formed by adding 20-30 kg of hot iron pieces. Today, the technique of connecting hot iron pieces is a matter of surprise since 1600 years ago, since no single addition is visible anywhere in the entire Iron column.

Robert Hadfield analyzed the metal and explained that usually 1300-1400 degree centigrade temperature is needed to make the steel in a certain shape. But the steel in this column is called a night iron, which is necessary for the temperature to exceed 2000 degrees centigrade. It is surprising that there was no such high heat furnace in today’s time, how was it molded?

This is not a war

Dr. R Balasubramanyam, a specialist doctor of IIT Kanpur, has discovered after a lot of research that this column has a thin layer of iron, oxygen and hydrogen, which has prevented it from being rusted.

Dr. R Balasubramaniam further says that the amount of phosphorus in its iron is an important element to protect it from cracking. The amount of phosphorus in the current time which is used is 0.05 percent but in this column the amount of phosphorus is 0.10 percent.

On the pillar is the inscription written in Brahmiji script of Guptak, which states that it was built in the memory of which king?

loh stambh silalekh

In 1903, the script written on the pillar was changed to Pandit Baqan Rai, first in Devanagari script and then translated into English.

The inscription has been written – “The title of the king who was expelled in the battle of Bengal, which has been exposed in the battle of Bengal, has been written with the sword, which crossed the seven seas in the Indus river and won the Chhalakko whose power was the Zobo It is also settled in the South sea, whose calamity like the calm of Mahadavanal, Pratap has destroyed the enemy. The King left the earth and got his work done. The variance in the news remains on the earth. After establishing a small kingdom in the world with its musical power, the moon of full moon, who consume it for a long time, rushed to Vishnu and Vishnu founded the Vishnu flag on the hill. ”

Cannon ball

loh stambh par top ka gola

A section of the iron pillar is slightly uprooted, which clearly shows that it has been tried to blow it with a cannon. Although there is no clear evidence of who was able to execute a gun, most of the historians believe that in 1739, Nadir Shah ordered that a cannon be run in his attack on Delhi.

When Nadir Shah came to know that this pillar belonged to any Hindu king, he ordered it to blow immediately. On the pillar, a section of the mosque located near the eye on the verge was just damaged, after which Nadir Shah changed the intent to blow the pillar.
Fencing and iron fence

It is said that the puja is completed after touching both sides of the pillar, but now you will not be able to do this because after tourists damaged the pillar in 1997, a fencing fence was set around it. was.

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