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JNUSU Elections, Post Left era in JNU: How it is being reached

– The JUSU elections results validate that Left have reached a stage of ‘end of ideology’ where electoral opportunism matters to them more than ideology.

– ABVP continues to remain the single largest organisation of JNU, a position that it has retained since 2013 elections.

– Because of the ‘end of ideology’ amongst the Left, the more the Left will ally, the more their cadre base will shrink and shift towards ideology based organisations like ABVP and BAPSA.

– ABVP is nearing saturation in Schools like International Studies, Languages, Sciences and Sanskrit. However, opportunity to expand cadres remain in Social Sciences. The day we work hard and secure around 250+ votes in School of Social Sciences (SSS), ABVP shall become unbeatable organisation in JNU. Hence, our energy now must be diverted to SSS along with maintaining foothold in our stronger bases.

– The more Left will create a bogey of ‘vote for us, nahin to ABVP jeet jayega’, the more we will expand as it happened in the case of BJP. BJP was an untouchable party since its inception in 1980s and by creating a fear of rise of BJP, opposition only created sympathy for BJP and strengthened it. Hence, it’s a catch 22 situation for the Left now. They cannot afford to ignore us, cannot afford to fight elections alone either. But the more they ally, the more Left shall weaken gradually and thus making them irrelevant ultimately.

– Hence, this is the first step towards beginning of ‘post-Left era’ in JNU, a stage which shall be reached in next two elections i.e. by JNUSU 2019, when all combined Left will be pushed to the third position after ABVP and BAPSA.

– Only concern for ABVP, however is, that most of our senior activists have passed out or will be passing out of JNU this year and therefore, a new breed of younger generation must be prepared to carry forwards the baton and legacy. Leadership has to be passed in their hands.

– Dear youngsters, remember one thing, ABVP JNU does not require नेता but it requires नेतृत्व. As you prepare to take responsibility of organisation in JNU that has been built with the sacrifices of over three decades, remember three things:

1. Institution is always bigger than the individual,

2. Ideology is bigger than the institution. So just winning elections is not important but it has to be fought without compromising ideology.

3. Being ambitious is good, but over-ambitious will bring you and the organisation down. Hence, always maintain humility despite being courageous.
Vande Matram

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