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Know these interesting things about Srilanka

Amazing and Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka in Hindi
1. The distance from India to Sri Lanka is just 31 kilometers.

2. By the year 1972, Sri Lanka’s name was Ceylon, which was changed to ‘Lanka’ and in the year 1978 it was added to the ‘Sri’ by the honorable word ‘Shri’.

3. Ramayana is the first book in which Sri Lanka has been described, that too in detail.

4. Ram Rasayetu, built by the Warar army of Shri Ram ji between India and Sri Lanka, is still present today. According to the temple records, the Ram Sethu was completely situated above the water of the sea, in 1480 AD a cyclone destroyed it.

5. Sri Lanka’s national sport is a volleyball, although its most popular sport is cricket.

6. Today, 2300 years ago, the entire population of Sri Lanka used to believe in Hinduism. In the 3rd century BC, Emperor Ashoka sent his son Mahendra to spread Buddhism in Sri Lanka and the king there declared Buddhism as a religion of religion.

The current religion of Sri Lanka is in this way-

Religion persisted
Buddhists 70%
Hindu 15%
Christians 8%
Muslims 7%


7. There are several ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, of whom Sinhalese and Tamil are the heads.

The groups of Sri Lanka are as follows:

Ethnic group
Sinhalese 73.8%
Tamil 13.9%
Moore 7.2%
Indian Tamil 4.6%
Other 0.5%
8. From July 23, 1983, the planetary war began between Sri Lankan Tamils ​​and minority Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka which lasted for 25 years and ended in 2009. According to official figures, about 80 thousand people were killed in this planetary war.

9. During the planetary war in Sri Lanka, a Tamil organization of Tamils ​​became LTTE. The terrorist of the Latte terrorist organization had murdered Bharat’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

10. Sri Lanka has 9 states, which have 25 districts in total.

11. The size of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean is like a pearl, which is also called ‘Pearl of Indian Oceon’.

12. Sri Lanka’s highest point is Mount Pedro (Mount Peedro), whose height is 2,524 meters. Local people call it Pedurutalagla and it is forbidden to climb because it is used for military operations.

13. Sri Lanka is the second richest country in South Asia after India’s per capita income.

14. Sri Lanka’s people in South Asia are the most educated people. Literacy rate is 92 percent here.

15. In the 1800s, the British had occupied the sectarian territory of Sri Lanka, and in 1818, after the surrender of the King of Kandy, British became the right of the whole of Sri Lanka.

16. After World War II Sri Lanka received independence from the British on February 4, 1948.

17. Sri Lanka is the first country whose first Prime Minister was a woman. Mr.Mavo was the first Prime Minister of Bhandaranayake Sri Lanka.

18. Waterfalls in Sri Lanka are very much found, most of the country’s electricity is provided with these waterfalls.

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