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Lord Shiva : NeelKanth bhagwan, know these zestful facts rarely known

Lord Shiva – the supreme Lord Shiva is the ultimate reality; also known by the name Mahadev, Bholanath, Shiva Shankar Bhagwan, Namah Shiva and more. He is the supreme God given a form to be enjoyed by the devotees.  He is the only one without a second; the creator, preserver as well as the destroyer of our world. As per our puranas, scriptures, mythology and popular beliefs, Lord Shiva spends his life meditating in the Kailash Parbat, one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. We know him as the husband of Devi Parvati and father to Kartikeya and Ganesha. The most venerated among the trinity, here are the most interesting and unknown facts about Lord Shiva.

Let’s know some great, interesting facts about Lord shiva.

  • The name of the snake wrapped around the neck of Lord Shiva is Vasukhi. It was the second king of the serpent (naags) after Sheshnag. Lord Shiva was pleased and gave it a boon to put it in his neck.

  • Nandi, which is also known as the vehicle of Bhagwan Shankar and positioned at the top of all Shiva’s Ganas. He was originally the son of Shilad Rishi in the boon. Which was later become Nandi due to harsh tenacity.

  • When the Goddess Ganga planned to land the earth, there was a problem, that due to its velocity, force and power there would be huge destruction. Then Shankar Bhagwan decided to make land Ganga Mata firstly in his hair, then be allowed to flow in different directions to prevent the destruction.

  • Shankar Bhagwan’s body was blue because he had consumed poison. Actually, during the samudra manthan that is sea churning, 14 things came out. 13 Things were halfway divided between Devatas and Demons (danavas) but there was no one ready to take the poison namely halahal poison. This poison was very lethal, its single drop could also cause great destruction on the earth. Then Lord Shiva had drank this poison. That’s why his name was Neelkanth.

  • Lord Shiva has no parents. They are considered to be eternal. Meaning, which was always there. No date of birth

  • Kathak, the idol that Lord Siva is kept in Bharatanatyam is called Nataraja.
  • The worship of any of the broken idol of any of Devi Devta is not done. But no matter how much shiva linga is broken or is in parts it can be and is worshipped.

  • Shiva-ratri is celebrated every year in India and across many other countries of world by Hindus. This day marks the day of marriage of Lord Shiva with mata Parvati.

  • There was also a sister of Shankar Bhagwan who was Amavari. And she was created by Lord Shiva using his super powers when Mata Parvati urged him to do so.

  • Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati had only one son whose name was Kartike. Ganesh Bhagwan was created by Mata Parvati from the body lep.

  • It is said in many tales that Lord Shiva had cut the head of Ganesha when Ganesha did not allowed Lord Shiva to meet Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati had told Ganesha to do so.

  • After doing Tandava, Lord Shiva played damru 14 times for sankadi. Thereby, the basis of Maheshwar Sutra i.e. the Sanskrit grammar had appeared.

  • Shankar Bhagwan is never offered flowers of Ketaki. Because it was considered as the witness of Brahma ji’s lie.

  • Almost all worshippers offer belpatra on Shiva linga, But it also requires a special caution that it can never be offered without water.

  • Shankar Bhagwan and Shivalinga are never offered water through conch shells (shankh). Because Lord Shiva had destroyed the shankhachur with his trident (trishul).


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