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Notice for Dalits to stay at home during Ramayana in UP

There is a dispute about the Ramayana lessons in Gadaha village of Mondaah town of Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. On Tuesday, a priest stole the notice for the dalits to stay away during the Ramayana lessons for the next 10 days outside the temple. In the notice, the Dalit community was warned not to enter the temple during the lessons.

Dalits of the village say that during any religious work, the people of their community are excluded because it is believed that the Dalits will bring a bad coincidence. According to prominent newspaper The Times of India, a source said that the priest of Ram Janaki Temple had been asked to leave the house during the Ramayana lessons for 10 days without warning.
Local guru Prasad Arya said that this is not the first time that the entry of the Dalits was stopped in the temple. SDM Suresh Kumar said, “The whole investigation will be done in this matter. If the role of the priest is found in this, then strict action will be taken against him. ‘

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