Reasons-Why India should not give refuge to these people

Why Muslims from either Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar, or Afghanistan etc should not get refugee status in India. Here  are the reasons.

(1) Pakistan & Bangladesh was created by the demand of the Muslims as separate state. As they said that they cannot to live with Hindus. So they made a choice and that choice is not something that can be undone. Hence they should not be taken as refugees. And their claim to refugee status must be see with serious suspicion. Now some may say that it was their parents or ancestors who made that choice and not them. (A) Their ancestors new that this is irrevocable decision (B) The mentalities of this kind are passed through cultural transmission and the memes it creates through which humans see the world. So rest assured 99% of their descendants continue to have such notions. SO they have no right to ask for asylum in India.
(2) A similar narrative was created by Rohingya in Maynamar. And wanted to join Pakistan. They failed in their attempt though they approached Jinah and and Sauhrawardy, the creator of Hindu Genocide in Bengal. Having failed in that they resorted to what all Jihadis do, in Maynamar. And now they are suffering the consequences of that. Buddhist being in majority have retaliated. But some may say that only few are terrorists, rest just want to live. To them I say the following
(3) The human beings are not solitary animal but social animals. For such rabid percentage to systematically propagate hate against the non-Muslims, needs an environment and tacit support from the society and ideology. And that is the reason all terrorists are Muslims, even though all Muslims are not terrorists. Because at different levels they are considered heroes and are given implied nod within. So it is the responsibility of these Rohingya Muslim societies that such elements are not allowed to rare their heads, but they do not do that. So even though most may not be terrorists, the environment for such terrorists is created by their societies of r what so ever reason. SO by implication you do not want large number of Rohingya to settle in India, as that would be providing facilities for them to replicate it in India.  SO they do not deserve considerations for refugee status.
(4) Lastly one needs to distinguish between the terrorism and individual crime. All societies have criminals among them. And these are to be treated as law and order problems. But terrorism is not law and order problem but an ideologically motivated problem. That creates environment for such activities. So this argument is not an argument against individual crimes.
(5) This argument does not apply to Rohingya Hindus. Since they are not involved in the terrorism against any group or country. SO they must be allowed to enter.
(6) Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh on the other hand deserve refugee status. Because (a) They did not vote for Pakistan (b) They were victims of having had home and earth in the then India, but could not move for many reasons.And now they are being persecuted, as whole world has seen. Their populations have reduced from 20% at partition to 2% currently in Pakistan and 24% in Bangladesh to 8% currently. And the stories of the persecutions have gone to UN etc. SO they deserve the refugee status in India.

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