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Sanskrit: Mother of all languages-10 little known facts

Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas – the oldest book in the world. Therefore, there is no possibility of any suspicion in assuming that it is the first language of the world. It is also called Devwani or Surabharati. All religious texts related to Hindu religion are written in Sanskrit. Several important granths of Buddhism and Jainism have been written in Sanskrit. Let us know some interesting facts about this advanced language-

1. According to the US Forbes magazine in 1987, the Sanskrit is the best language for computer programming. Because its grammar is similar to the programming language.

2. America, Russia, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Japan and Australasia are currently researching about the importance of Bharat Natyam and Natraj. (Natraj Shiva is a cosmic dance. There is a statue of Shiva or Natraj in front of the United Nations Office in Geneva.)

3. According to American Hindu University, a person who speaks in Sanskrit will be free from diseases like BP, Madhyamah, Cholesterol etc. By speaking in Sanskrit, the nervous system of the human body remains active so that the body of the person becomes activated with positive charge.

4. Research has shown that reading of Sanskrit increases memory power (memory).
In Sanskrit sentences, words can be placed in any order. There is little or no possibility of being a disaster for this meaning. This happens because all words are incomplete and according to the word. Either the house is full or the house is full of ego.

5. Most of the literature of Sanskrit literature has been composed in the verse, whereas most of the literature of other languages ​​is found in prose.

6. In one of the 17 countries of the world, one or more Sanskrit scholars are studying Sanskrit and seeking new technology, but there is not a single Sanskrit university for its actual study dedicated to Sanskrit.

7. There are only one or two forms of one word in all the languages ​​of the vikas, whereas in Sanskrit there are 25 forms of each word.

8. According to the German State University, Hindu calendar is the best calendar to be used in the present time. Because in this calendar the new year begins with the geological changes of the solar system.

9. 97 percent of the world’s languages ​​are directly or indirectly influenced by this language. The origin of Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi and Punjabi is from Sanskrit.

10. According to NASA scientists, when they used to send messages to the space traveler, their sentences were reversed. Because of this, the meaning of the message was changed. He used many languages ​​but every time this problem came. In the end, he sent a message in Sanskrit, because even after the sentence in Sanskrit, its meaning does not change. As stated above.

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