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Shaheed Lieutenant Umar Fayaz – Story of a true hero and new role model of Kashmir

His son was 22 years old. He is an illiterate farmer, cultivating apple. After passing the XII in 2012, he had only one wish to take the NDA examination. In 2015, he was out of the NDA and joined the Indian Army, 2 Rajputana Rifles. He was a resident of Kashmir. Five months ago he joined the army. The next month he was going to be 23 years old. For the first time in his five months he tookk leave from his duty as army officer,to attend the marriage of his maternal sister. There were 5-6 armed people in the marriage itself, they asked him the address and kidnapped him. He had come home in a holiday, so he was unarmed. His abductors beat him overnight and broke his knees and pulled his tooth. After wounding many places on his body and torturing him overnight, he was shot 19 bullets on his forehead and stomach. His name was Lieutenant Omar Fayyaz, he was a Kashmiri, and Kashmiri militants killed him, they took this task with him because Lieutenant Omar Fayaz did not become terrorist like them all. Lieutenant Omar Fayaz did not become a traitor like them. In the NDA, Lieutenant Omar Fayaz was the captain of the hockey team and was also a very good player of volleyball.
So far, there were incidents of mutilating the bodies of the soldiers by Pakistan on the border, but now there is an incident of terrorizing the body of the soldiers by terrorists inside the country. If the answer is not given soon, the terrorists will be more and more enthusiastic. Within this country, killing such a brutal warrior in the country only shows that terrorists have become completely unruly. And besides, the enthusiasm for the recruitment by the Kashmiri youth to the army is also aroused by the terrorists.
If the terrorists are not responded soon, then who will come next in future to join the same army Omar Fayyaz had joined and the nation?

Author – Arif Mohammad

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