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The extent of freedom of expression on social media

As the matter relates to the freedom of expression and its prudent limit, the bench of the Supreme Court deemed it right to send it to the Constitution Bench. Now the constitution bench of the five judges will make a decision by looking into the depth of the constitutional provisions in this regard. A division bench of Chief Justice Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice AM Khanvilkar and Justice DY Chandrachud admitted that misuse of social media was being done. People often spread misinformation through it. Here

Even the proceedings of the court were not spared

The issue is that should anyone be allowed to leave such things? This case has come before the court from the petition of the person of Uttar Pradesh, whose wife and daughter had allegedly gangraped in Bulandshahr in July last year. Azam Khan, the then minister of UP, had told this incident (on twitter) as a ‘political conspiracy’. He later told this to his personal opinion. When the matter reached the Supreme Court, they also demanded an apology, which the court had accepted.

But the issues raised by this episode did not end. The petitioner’s counsel Harish Salve had rightly argued that those sitting in important posts like the minister can not do such things by under the guise of personal opinion, which is likely to affect government functioning. Since such cases are no longer counted, therefore, the proper guidelines should be fixed in this regard, it is being understood as necessary today. Therefore it is a matter of contentment that now the Constitution Bench will consider all the questions related to it.

Is there a point of view that whether giving a factual reaction to the social media comes under the freedom of expression given by the Constitution? Can anything be said on the social media without taking care of dignity and morality? Hope, the Supreme Court will set the logical limits of such trends. The spread of social media in India has been more in the last decade. So misusing it is a new problem. When such problems arise, civil society seeks their proper solution. The Supreme Court has now stepped in this direction.

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