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Time to promote nuclear disarmament.

While the tension at many places in the world is getting dangerous, Norway’s Nobel Committee has tried to reconsider the goal of nuclear disarmament. At the moment, we are in a time when China has decided to put nuclear submarines in the sea patrol, Pakistan shows ts nuclear capability to india and the United States intends to modernize its nuclear weapons. Neglecting the world opinion, North Korea is constantly expressing its nuclear power. North korea is trying to bully not only its neighborhood but also America.

In this environment, that objective is not seen anywhere on the agenda of the world, which was expressed in the UN resolution. With its formation in 1945, this institution had resolved to free the world from nuclear weapons. But the irony is that after that the number of countries having nuclear weapons increased. The blaze of nuclear weapons continued to grow. Now it seems that world leaders have left the discussion of that original purpose of the United Nations. In the same background, the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign for Abolition Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). The Nobel Committee has said that ICANN has been rewarded for paving the way for the treaty to get people’s attention towards the terrible human tragedy of using nuclear weapons and to stop the use of such weapons. ICANN formed in 2007.
At present its associate organizations are spread across 101 countries. In July last, 122 countries accepted the United Nations banning the nuclear weapons. It is said that ICANN played an important role in spreading the treaty. But that pact does not endanger the threat of nuclear weapons hinges on the world. Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France recognized as nuclear weapons nation did not become part of this treaty. Similarly, other countries with nuclear weapons, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea are also not part of it.

Clearly, the need to carry out a strong campaign against nuclear weapons in the world is continuing. India has always supported the world with nuclear weapons. But it is against discrimination in this case. That’s why it did not sign the NPT and made a real assessment of its security and made nuclear weapons. Now the Nobel Committee has tried to force the campaign for nuclear disarmament, then of course India is with its spirit. Will all other countries behave like this? If so, the way to make a safer and happier world can be clearer. But at the moment, there is little scope for this to happen.

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