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Today’s Swami Ramdev : Scientific Baba – Management Guru

Ramdev Baba nowadays ridicule some people, and after the verdict on Baba Ram Rahim, some people are beating him, the next number is Baba Ramdev. Some people are saying that Baba Ramdev escaped with Salwar in the Congress rule It was true that Baba was holding a rally to adopt the indigenous item and bring the Lokpal bill. The Congress party was running a rally on him, his niece and his supporters. Do you know, Baba Ramdev has set up foreign companies, Patanjali’s own, Patanjali’s full profits are done in the organization and in the countryside, such as Temple School Hospital Gausiva Trust Gausalay and other religious works. In today’s modern times, God’s hymn song and religion are ending up in the people. The singing of the Lord does not sing hymns or making new hymns is very less, so Baba Ramdev, yesterday, from yesterday, i.e. TV like Indian Idol Sarogamapa But there is a new TV show coming up in the name of which peace will be sung in empty hymns so that people are interested in God’s hymns. Some people even woke up in a sense of grief, but did anyone think that today a saffron saint who took a Paradigm shift by thinking of Out of the Box and converting a fantasy into Innovation got both its Objective and Target.

These English words I have mentioned here are all those words which are taught in the education of management and who teach only they appear only in PowerPoint.
Have we ever thought that by taking so much knowledge and in a loud word, we do not have the ability to sell a gram packet in my own name?
That person has created such a huge empire only on the basis of Gurukul’s knowledge that today many multinational companies are in shock. And Patanjali’s products are also full of quality. The person who taught us to write “Made In Bharat” instead of “Made in India”
This is the only Baba who does not shop for religion, on the contrary, in the name of religion, is going to eradicate the hypocrisy.

False and open astrological rituals from the open platform, Saturn is called the planet and Rahu Ketu is imaginary.

They do not have any courage to do any work of science.
So next time, if Baba ridiculed Ramdev, then first of all, do not forget about the achievement of our own life.

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