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Truth about Murdered journalist Gauri Lankesh, her properties – Read this

All these poor left-of-centre “journalists” in India with their “what about the poor” handy line and then when they pass on the real truths about all the real estate they have salted away comes out when the children start fighting amongst themselves.
Short partial list on the assets, the “poor” recently departed editor of the rant magazine from BLR, capeesh?
Banerghatta Road. Big estate, this.

E.A.T. Street.

Gandhi Bazaar

Raja Rajeswari Nagar

You ask any Babu Mantri Santri combo, and the best way of keeping happy the Karanjia-type journalists of the country, and believe me so many of our media types want to emulate BLITZ and it’s games, was to let them know city planning in advance so that real estate could be picked up cheap. Or given free. “We have to put up a press here and run an office”. Yeah sure, walk down Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in Delhi and see what our free and frank and fearless and fucked-up media has done with all the real estate they got for almost free. Just that they had a better corporate structure, though not in the case of National Herald, where Pappoo tried to do a swing for the money.
People in media always manage huge property. Which is fine if you structure it properly and then flip it and make sure the children don’t fight over it.
But broke, no money in the bank, and the rest of the sob story?
I shall strongly suggest people run a simple search online in the Karnataka Court records to find out more for themselves about the multiple properties in and around Bengaluru that the family Lankesh controlled and were variously into litigation on. AND the role of the “magazine” which has been called “extortionist” by some in the bargain.
And then take it one step further, dig into the list of defaulter companies here for more information on the mess, just another real estate deal between heirs gone sour.
I mean, this is real estate in India, get real. Even Dilip Kumar has to pay to get his own house back, and I have pounded the road outside it for a variety of reasons in the past, almost got beaten up for it but not killed.
Veeresh Malik

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