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Why only Triple Talak, Sharia Law should be eliminated – Taslima Nasreen

New Delhi: Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen on Tuesday responded to the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the Triple Talak, saying that it is definitely not the freedom of women and going ahead and eliminating the 1400-year-old Quran rule needed.’
Taslima tweeted, “The elimination of Triple Talak is definitely not the freedom of women. Women need to be educated and they should be self-sufficient.” Taslima said, “The law of 1400-year-old Quran should end, we need modern law based on equality.”

Taslima is known for her atheist views. Taslima said, “Triple Talak is not in the Quran. Has this been removed because of this? If there are many injustices and inequalities in the Kuran, should those be kept?”
Before the court’s decision came, the author tweeted, “Progressive people of India are waiting for the end of Triple Talak.”
The Supreme Court has declared triple Talak prevailing in Muslim society as unconstitutional, arbitrary and it is not a part of Islam.

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